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Bob Bishop

http://BOBBISHOPBAND.COM Music for all occasions 3/16/2019 @girlsontheair FACE BOOK

Food Forward

Chris Wehling with Food Forward is a non-profit organization that picks surplus produce and gives it to people in need. You need equipment? Call Food Forward . You need someone to glean your trees? Call Food Forward. https://foodforward.org Chris can be contacted at...

SIGIL Eau De Parfum

Patrick Kerry https://www.sigilscent.com/ We are giving away a sample box of SIGIL parfum. Check out our Facebook page for ways to win. 3/23/2019

Certified Hypnotherapist Frank W Banos

 Frank Banos, Certified Hypnotherapist did a three week series on hypnotherapy. You can catch the recorded show on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/girlsontheair/ Name: Frank W. BanosAddress: N/AEmail...